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Empowering Women to Make Decisions that Honor Their Self-Worth


"I've walked the valleys, learned hard lessons through my 20's and for that I am stronger and wiser--  
I want to empower women to make dating decisions and have relationships that are life giving.
It's a jungle out there, let's navigate it together." 



Media Personality. Entrepreneur. Speaker.

Angela began her media career with Fox Sports and CBS College Sports.


Angela appeared on NBC's Ready for Love series. As the finalist, Angela's story of waiting for marriage began inspiring young women across the globe with a counter cultural view of love, dating, relationships, and their sexuality.


During her media career, Angela has worked with National Geographic, Faithwire, and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Angela is now developing her own digital media channel and docu-series, All Strings Attached.

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The pressures girls and women face vastly differ from boys. Angela Blair shares her story of waiting for marriage and lessons
learned along the way after her decision was put in the spotlight on an NBC national television series.


Always sharing her faith and choice to wait from a Biblical perspective, Blair never knew all of the scientific research that truly backs God’s design for why He says it is best to wait.

Meeting a group of doctor’s, she learned the science of sex, love and dating, as well as shocking differences of boys vs. girls.

Join Angela for an inspiring and interesting discussion of love, romance and the science that is behind each of us. As she shares her discovery, she brings on some of the nation’s leading experts to challenge the frequent myth “sex has no strings attached”.

The Journey to Love

'Lies they heard in their 20's'

Newlyweds Carson and Angela Blair have a different kind of love story than the modern day dating filled with hookups and heartbreak. Marrying in their young 30’s, the journey was long, but the wait was worth it. Both making the decision to wait for marriage at a young age, they would endure trials and pushback throughout their lives for their decision. Never knowing one day they would meet each other, both making the same promise, they bring real talk around dating and life experiences from their teens and 20’s that relate to the pressures faced in the world today. 

Carson was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and thrown into the world of professional baseball, travelling and lifestyle where waiting for marriage wasn’t exactly the “cool thing” to do. 

Angela was in Miss Texas USA, casted in a reality NBC dating show produced by Eva Longoria. Getting pushback for her stance on waiting for marriage, she had every comment under the sun to discredit and push back on her traditional beliefs. As the series came to the finale, Angela was the “winner” of the TV show, drawing international press attention not about the TV series, but about her choice to wait for marriage. 

Why? How? What made her want to do that? 

Years later, those interviews led her to meet Carson, after he had read an article talking about her decision. 

“Could it be? Would she maybe be my match?”, he wondered. 

The stars aligned and the two met, beginning a romance that only God could orchestrate. As newlyweds, The Blairs have a passion for sharing their experiences, their lessons and the huge blessing at the end of the road for waiting for God’s best.

Fairytales still exist.

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